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Sterelization: History of Racism, Sexism and Violence (Participation)

January 27, 2012

Reaction?  evidence of how race and racism still matters


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  1. Alex Clark permalink

    It is pretty shocking that North Carolina’s state government could allow such atrocious acts to take place; even when other states had dismantled their sterilization programs after they were ruled to be wrong and unlawful. I think it is a good thing that North Carolina is compensating their victims with 50,000 dollars each, but it will never bring back the opportunities that sterilization took away.

  2. Kyla Chappell permalink

    Watching these videos I found myself feeling really angry inside. How could these doctors, who have received a lot of education just to be a doctor, have such construed moral judgement to carry out these medical acts. The fact that some were done even without the consent or the patient even knowing is what really got to me. Who were they to decide whether a certain person was to have kids or not?! Also, I feel as though North Carolina’s effort to compensate their living victims should be credited, but in no way does this even begin to repay the harm they did to these people’s lives.

  3. Julia Balaban permalink

    I am very shocked about North Carolina and the laws that they were having produced. I cannot believe that sterilization was allowed especially without them being told or having any consent. It is almost sickening seeing as though if that was me I would be completely devastated. I think it should be the woman’s rights. No matter the color of the person, they need to be able to have these choices and especially under a medical procedure like this.

  4. Katie Nelson permalink

    I’m personally disgusted by North Carolina’s laws and the doctors that have continued with these treatments. How could they have such a swayed moral compass that they would do such things to women without their consent or even knowledge of what is going on. North Carolina is doing the right thing by reimbursing them of their losses, but $50,000 doesn’t bring back what the sterilization took away from these women. I’m in disbelief that this went on without anyone (especially doctors) objecting to the fact that this is ruining women’s lives, not to mention it is completely wrong in every sense.

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