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Black History Month (Participation)

February 17, 2012


Here are two takes on Black History Month, which push us to think about strategies of change/resistance, the various issues surrounding celebration, what/who becomes iconic

Lets expand the discussion beyond it should or should happen to reflect on what sorts of education is needed




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  1. Olivia Newhouse permalink

    Morgan Freeman says to get rid of racism he believes we should stop talking about it… This surprised me because him being a black man who is aware of racism I would have thought he would want people to discuss it in order to realize it’s an issue that needs to be solved. This reminds me of the minimization frame we talked about in class and how some people do believe in order to eliminate racism we need to stop discussing it so it will eventually just disappear.

    • Rachael Gorrie permalink

      I agree, and I know where Freeman is coming from, being a previous advocate for colorblindness and encouraging frames of minimization; I think he is on the right track getting rid of black history month but his method of solving racism is completely wrong. We need to bring the problem out into the open. Lets talk about the ginormous elephant in the room.

  2. Rachael Gorrie permalink

    I think that the independent lens guy made an important realization. The deep issue is that the people of this country are brainwashed. Brainwashed to think that whiteness is normal, while simultaneously being confused about wanting to embrace their own culture. I see whites wanting to dedicate a month to remembering the confederacy and I see blacks wanting the world to be reminded of positive black figures in American history that go against negative stereotypes that we have today. Racism and the problems that go along with it are not linear, they are like a piece of string in a really messed up and tangled knot. There are so many intricacies involved in changing things like getting rid of black history month. I think he realized this during his fight for it. This is unintentional colorblindness and a way to solve racism at the same time. We have to find the balance in order to create real change.

  3. Kyla Chappell permalink

    I agree with Olivia’s comment, it really surprised me to see Morgan Freeman saying the way to get rid of racism is to stop talking about it. I feel as though Morgan Freeman is a respectable man and for him to want to disregard the issue of racism by not talking about it shocked me. Because as we have learned in this class, avoiding race and attempting to be “colorblind” does not fix any issue at all. These videos really made me think of the purpose of Black History Month, why do we have it? Why is it confined to one month? Or why isnt there an Asian History Month? Or a White History Month? All races should be incorporated into, “American History Always”.

  4. Of course, the context of his statements could be different so what if he is saying that we should stop “talking” and starting working (action) to change things? Just a thought — thoughts?

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