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More Globalization (Participation)

February 29, 2012

How do these videos help us understand the idea of globalization, fair/unfair trade, poverty and inequality, and the issues of race, nation, and gender?  What sort of challenges do they point at? Lets push the conversation beyond binaries, beyond good versus bad,



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  1. Kyla Chappell permalink

    These videos do a great deal in explaining the idea of globalization. Before watching them the topic was a little blurry in my mind but now it is much more clear. They all also do a good job of explaining poverty and what is has done to our world in general. The lady in the last video did an exceptionally good job at explaining fair/unfair trade. She goes into great detail at how this is affected our world negatively. The biggest challenge I saw that was pointed out was the obvious points that I have already mentioned, but what stood out to me was the import/export rules that have been made that go along with trade. They want exports to be charged by certain people but a poor country could not charge any imports into their country. This idea is completely unfair.

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