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University of Texas Student Paper Wins ‘Most Racist Trayvon Martin Cartoon’ Contest (Participation)

March 28, 2012

University of Texas Student Paper Wins ‘Most Racist Trayvon Martin Cartoon’ Contest

Here’s cartoonist Stephanie Eisner’s latest political cartoon published in the Daily Texan, the student paper at the University of Texas- Austin. You can see “The Media” there, telling its lies again, about how the BIG BAD WHITE [*a bunch of arrows pointing to “white”*] man killed the handsome, sweet, innocent COLORED [*a bunch of arrows pointing to “colored”*] BOY. Oh, you media. Always trying to pull the wool over the WHITE man’s eyes, to protect the COLORED BOYS. Blarrrrrggghhhhh.

The paper pulled this comic off their website as we were writing this post. Good backlash anticipation. “Stereotypical Texas Person” joke goes here, etc. Ugh.

Most of Stephanie Eisner’s other cartoons are merely mystifying.

via University of Texas Student Paper Wins ‘Most Racist Trayvon Martin Cartoon’ Contest.

via University of Texas Student Paper Wins ‘Most Racist Trayvon Martin Cartoon’ Contest (Participation).


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  1. Reed Clarridge permalink

    I’m surprised race is playing such a big role in classifying Trayvon, but not George Zimmerman. I;d have thought a dominant frame would be to classify Zimmerman as Latino to shift the talk to minority on minority violence, not white on black.

    Any information on the actual contest itself, or which organization/person backed it?

  2. This cartoon is just ignorant and wrong…thats really all I can say

  3. Hailey Schur permalink

    Although the picture is absolutely terrible, why is there even a contest encouraging this activity? As far as I know from experience from being on the University of Texas campus, racism is still seen and they don’t keep it desecrate so it is sad that this is going on. I don’t understand why the school would allow this contest. Now I’m wondering how racist were the other submissions?

  4. Aaron Verhei permalink

    I think this cartoon even though it is racist has a good point to it. It is to me showing how the media is making race a huge factor in this case. What should be making a play is the fact that a young man was killed by someone because he looked suspicious. Yes the young man was African American, and the adult was White but still the media is making race the main factor in everything about this case and that is what i think the author of this comic was trying to point out.

  5. Given the way race operates in our society, is there a way to talk about this case or any case where race isn’t part of the conversation? How beyond the individuals does race matter?

  6. Olivia Newhouse permalink

    I feel like in this scenario if we like it or not race is a huge reason why Trayvon was murdered in the first place. It goes beyond just Zimmerman and Trayvon by demonstrating how much race still matters in our society and the fact that because he was a black male it made him dangerous enough to be killed and it be considered “self defense” by Zimmerman.

  7. Kyla Chappell permalink

    The fact that this sort of contest was happening is wrong all together. But, it does show a good representation of how the media is making race matter in our society so much. The drawing points out the race of both parties in the situation more than anything. Although the drawing is a terrible idea, it does make some good points of modern racism.

  8. I don’t believe this was an actual “contest”

  9. Alex Clark permalink

    I feel that the media plays a big role in turning these cases from regular crimes; to race related hate crimes. If the media simply reported that a young male was shot by another middle aged male, there would be no controversy whatsoever. However, when the media throws in words like “black” and “white”, and “Hoodie” and “Racist”, the internet erupts with all sorts of new accusations which makes the case a big mess.

  10. Racharlle (Landa) Mendoza permalink

    My first reaction to this was “uhh, okay?” for one specific reason.. what was her PERSONAL purpose to this cartoon other than trying to win “best trayvon martin racist cartoon? What was her message? Was it to show how the media affects cases such as Trayvon Martin’s – and how they may turn a case into racist? Or was it because SHE is being racist? Or is this her way of representing what some people in society may think when it comes to this case?

    In my opinion, I feel as if she is doing the first and last. She is representing the media and society. Why? Because of the EXAGGERATION in the comic.. with all of the arrows and sarcasm.

    Regarding the Trayvon Martin case itself, I don’t think Zimmerman was being racist when he killed Trayvon. I feel like it was his “initial reaction” to be afraid of this “black guy in a hood” acting “suspicious” in a specific neighborhood. I don’t think Zimmerman is racist because for one, he is not full white (which may or may not count towards whether or not he is racist or not). Secondly, I HONESTLY… would have probably been afraid as well if ANYONE (Regardless of race) was in a hood, acting “suspicious” and they were random to my neighborhood. But see, I AM NOT RACIST. I would just be scared because.. that would be unusual to me – RED FLAG.

    I feel like the MEDIA is just making “race” a big deal. I would really like to know what happened that day when Zimmerman killed Trayvon. I wish there were a video, or something! So all of this arrogant bullshit in the media could just, stop! Also for his family, so they can finally have some kind of closure and so, Zimmerman could get the punishment he deserves – not less, not more.

    Overall, I don’t think Zimmerman had any right to kill Trayvon… he didn’t even have the right to have a gun. When it comes to this case I just say, “WTF?”


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