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April 2, 2012






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  1. Kyla Chappell permalink

    These videos of the journey this man took really got my attention. It is interesting, but also very sad to learn of the conditions these immigrants work through each and every day. It makes me think of how easy my job back home is of being an event worker. The comment that was really striking for me is when he was working in the lettuce fields, he said he never saw another white person working, yet Arizona has an extremely low unemployment rate. It’s really stupid if you think about it, a state with one of the highest unemployment rates has immigrants traveling across the border for 2+ hours to work every day. It shows how us living in America have had it pretty easy when you can be jobless and also picky about where you will work. Of course no one WANTS to work in these horrible conditions getting paid low wages, but these immigrants have no choice, we obviously do because the government will just hand money to people without jobs, whereas these immigrants who, if they had no job, wouldn’t eat. I am happy to be living in America, and should probably be more appreciate of the life I am able to live here, but it is also sad to see the lives of people from different countries who come here and get taken advantage of to make a living for their family.

  2. Alex Clark permalink

    These videos show a very unfortunate side of the agricultural business practices in today‚Äôs society. I would assume that most people don’t know the hard work these laborers go though everyday so we can eat our fruits and vegetables. It is disconcerting to hear that states with very high unemployment rates have only migrant workers doing the work for these companies. Why don’t they hire American citizens? The answer is because we live in a country where people take advantage of the safety nets which were meant to keep people afloat; not give jobless citizens checks for being worthless and sitting on their butts all day.

  3. Racharlle (Landa) Mendoza permalink

    WOW, this is amazing. I respect this man 100% and I appreciate what he has done. This man went on a journey that I bet a lot of americans would not consider going on.

    The journey itself and the information the videos provided did not surprise me one bit. I have been aware of issues like this throughout my whole life. What did shock me about this video though were the workers. Honestly, the workers THEMSELVES was all I payed attention to.

    Did anybody else notice how they were smiling, laughing and dancing the whole time? This might sound cheesy but their smiles made ME smile! Look at what they do for a living, but they are still smiling. I don’t only appreciate them for serving us.. but I appreciate them because they seem to be happy and content. Although, they probably wish they were fortunate enough to have a better job – I feel as if they know “true life”, the pain – the happiness, the things that really matter opposed to getting lost in all of the materialistic things that some of us do. I know I do sometimes.

    I would love to take a journey similar to this. I would like to go, see and experience the different lives people live. I’m happy that this man had the chance to do so.. I will, too!

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