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Cowboy and Indian party (Participation)

April 4, 2012

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  1. Kyla Chappell permalink

    I really like this video for the fact that Native Americans don’t get much recognition. I like that this man stood up to the plate to support his heritage and his fellow Indians. I like the example he made about Thanksgiving, that anyone puts on a head dress and dances around drinking booze, it made me think a little bit, and realize that is not right. His reference to Columbus being a good man also painted a big REAL picture of the discrimination that Native Americans have endured. Like he said, I hope more groups unite to help, not only the larger known minorities, but also ones who get very little recognition, like Native Americans.

  2. Briana Nelson permalink

    This was very refreshing to see. Native Americans are not recognized and talked about as much as they should. Talks like this should occur on many college campuses because of the huge issue of mascots and costumes. Around Halloween, the topic of costumes swarm around campus as students debate on what they’re going to be. I appreciate his examples and the connection he makes about what is offensive to their culture. This was a great way to convey his point for those who oblivious, or do not understand how these ways are harmful.

  3. Victoria Kolytiris permalink

    This was very interesting to see especially since most Native Americans are not talked about or even get recognition. Many schools and colleges should have this as a part of curriculum to clear up the issues about mascots. He did some great examples of how thier culture is constantly being demeaned.

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