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Kids on Race: The Hidden Picture (Participation)

April 4, 2012

From → Participation

  1. Seeing this the first time on CNN the other night I started crying, second time around now I am just pissed off. I understand small children are impressionable and just want mom and dad to be happy but shouldn’t the schools be helping fight this. I know that growing up my father was very racist but I still at least at school hung out with children of other races. I don’t understand why the children had a 70% rate of negative view on the pictures. I wonder if they put both children as white what they would say? If they would say the same thing or not. Also as far as asking if people come over I know growing up though my dad was racist he didn’t ask when I said can this friend from school come over what race they were… Would a parent really send a way a young child this day in age when they came over just because they were of a different skin. I know my dad couldn’t really because that just isn’t right to take it out on a small child who doesn’t understand.

  2. Kyla Chappell permalink

    This video quite frankly, angers me to no end. I didn’t expect those results honestly. When I was a a kid, I was still allowed to play and hang out with kids of a different skin color, race wasn’t an issue that came up in our house, so it is very frustrating to see kids in our modern day still seeing a problem with kids of different colored skin playing together. There should be no problem. Parent’s who want their children to grow up as accepting humans beings need to make a larger effort in helping their children understand this concept, that it is okay to play and be friends with someone who looks different from you, because on the inside they are just the same.

  3. Anna Chrisman 11143058 permalink

    It is very sad that we have not come as far as some people make it seem. Children are still so affected by race and this just goes to show that if children are able to talk about race with their parents, that they will create less of a racist environment. The black children have more experience talking and thinking about race, while the white children just follow their parents actions, however subtle they may be. I think that in order for this to improve, people have to talk to their children about race and ensure that their children know that it is okay to have friends that are different colors or races.

  4. Todd Mehrkens permalink

    Before watching this video I thought many negative racial beliefs for younger kids were slowly going away because society was changing. It heartbreaking to see that a lot of these racial views are still being taught to kids, even kids that haven’t had time to develop their own views and opinions about how to interact with other races. What shocked me the most was that some parents were a huge role to discrimination, by telling their kids who to play with based on the color off of the color of their skin. This video really makes me wonder how society is going to stop racism or if I can ever be stopped.

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