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The Perfect Score (PARTICIPATION)

April 20, 2012

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  1. Alex Carkner permalink

    The video was actually really interesting. I didn’t notice how long it was because I was so engaged in Sam’s story. If I was in his situation, it’s hard to say if I would have done anything different or if I would have committed fraud the same as him. It’s easy to tell from this story that the SAT test taking system is corrupt and has room for improvement. From what we discussed in class, it is apparent that the SAT’s do not necessarily demonstrate the intelligence of a student and their potential performance in college. Honestly, this kid is quite the innovator. He took a system that was fragile and overrated and turned it into a business. While still criminal activity, I feel like future employers would be somewhat interested in his intelligence, which is apparent not from his SAT scores, but from his manipulation of the SAT’s.

    • Hailey Schur permalink

      I totally agree with you. The video was on of the best movies we watched in class. I do find it interesting how much the SAT plays in on deciding which school we can go to and further determine the level of education we can receive. Also, with which school you can go to, if your SAT score is really high you are likely to get a scholarship which can help your decision on what school you attend.

  2. Diana Hermansen permalink

    A couple of things really stood out to me after I watched this movie. First off it was really interesting to see that a kid could cheat the system and take the test for people. It shows just how flawed the the system is. The SAT is supposed to be this huge standardized test that tests a students ability for college, but how accurate is it when its so easy to cheat? It made me wonder after watching this movie if there were people around me that were taking the test for another person. One test shouldn’t put so much stress on a person that they resort to big measures and cheat to get into college. It shocked me with the amount of money kids were paying to have Sam do this. It was even more shocking to realize that their parents were also in on this and that they were ok with it. If I was Sam, I feel like I would do the same thing. He’s helping people get into college and accelerate their education, however he’s hurting others chances of getting into a school when they actually tried and did it on their own.

  3. Victoria Kolytiris permalink

    He definately is breaking the law which is why i am very confused? i know that many people want to get into college and thier parents would like them to too but is this justified? Maybe there is a reason why they are not able to take the SATs on their own? I think this is very unfair and in the end just hurts the student even more because they are clearly not able to take the test on their own and are not ready for college. Many students are getting into colleges that they do not deserve to get into because of this process. I think the test definately has room for improvement but that doesnt necessarily mean one has to cheat their way into it.

  4. Hailey Schur permalink

    You know I thought this was one of the more interesting videos we’ve watched in class. The SAT’s in my opinion are useless. If you have money, you can send your kids to SAT study courses for years and years and for them to get the “perfect” SAT score? What do these parents think will happen to the kid who does better on the SAT than they should have then go to a school that is way beyond their intelligence and for what? To get terrible grades or furthermore get kicked out due to academics! I get tired of parents trying to live through their kids so they can have bragging rights. Like how interesting is it that your kid is failing at an Ivy league school?

  5. Bryce Jackson permalink

    I really agree with Victoria it is illegal to cheat on the SAT. It says in the beginning of the test that cheating isnt allowed and also that if you are your score will be taken away. I mean you are just cheating your way into college because you aren’t confident that you can get in without cheating so why is it worth it if your not going to be able to succeed in college. It just unfair to other students who actually take the test and try but dont get in because their score is barley lower than the college standard. But this person cheated and has a pleanty enough of high score to get into any college he wants.

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