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Racial Identity Response Paper

Racial Identity Response Paper

( Due January 27 & April 20 ): 250 Points (150 for Number #1 and 100 for second paper).

At the start of class, each member of the class will be responsible for writing a 1-2 page essay that explores the significance of race.  Each essay should answer the following question (and sub questions): Does race matter? (Does race matter in your own life; does it matter in your community; does it still matter in the United States; does it matter outside the United States).  This essay should both engage course materials and apply them to personal experiences.

At the end of the semester, each student will return to this topic, writing a new essay that again answers this question, while also reflecting on the changes in analysis and argument.  Students should submit both essays at the end of the semester along with a short paragraph reflecting on the changes between the essays.

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