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Course Schedule

Course Schedule

1/9 – Introduction

1/11 – What is Race?

Film: Race: Power of an Illusion (Part 1)


1/13 – Race as Social Construction

Reading: Lisa Wade, “The Census and the Social Construction of Race,” Sally Raskoff, “The Social Construction of Race, Ethnicity, Sex, and Gender,”


1/16 – No Class

1/18 – Talking about Race

Readings: Bob Blauner, “Talking Past each Other,”; Steve Locke, “Why I don’t want to talk about Race”

1/20 – Talking Past each other

Readings: Sarah Jackson, “Why I Want to Talk about Race, And Why You Should, Too,”; Jen Graves, “Deeply Embarrassed White People Talk Awkwardly About Race,”


1/23 – Racism and New Racism

Readings: “Why there’s no such thing is ‘reverse racism;”; Asraa Mustufa, “Study: Whites Think ‘Reverse Racism’ is on the Rise,”

1/25 – Racism – Case of Home Loans

Readings: Kai Wright, “Hard Knox in the Bronx,”; Michael Powell, “Bank Accused of Pushing Mortgage Deals on Blacks,”

1/27 – Contd Home Loans

1/30 – Colorblind Racism

Readings: Sally Lehrman, “Colorblind Racism,”; Larry Yu, “Color Blindness: The New Racism?,”; Monica Williams, “Colorblind ideology is a form of racism,”

2/1 – Privilege

Readings: Robert Jensen, “White Privilege Shapes the U.S.”; Peggy McIntosh, “White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack”

2/3 – Privilege

Readings: Allen Johnson, “Our House is on Fire”; Tim Wise, “White People Swim in Preference,”

2/6 – Living privilege

Readings: Phillip S. Smith, “Dorm Room Dealers: A Peek into the Drug World of the White and Upwardly Mobile”; Nicholas Peart, “Why Is the N.Y.P.D. After Me?”

2/8 – Challenging Privilege

2/10 – Stereotypes

Readings: Claude Steele, “Thin Ice: Stereotype Threat and Black College Students,” ; John Cloud, “How Stereotypes Defeat the Stereotyped”,9171,1900261,00.html

2/13 – Stereotypes; “The Surprisingly Limited Malleability of Implicit Racial Evaluations,”

2/15 – Living Stereotypes

Reading: Black stereotype college parties spark outrage,  Emanuella Grinberg, ‘We’re a culture, not a costume’ this Halloween,

2/17 – Challenging Stereotypes

2/20 – No class

2/22 – Review

2/24 – Exam

 2/27 – Race and Globalization

Readings: John a. powell and S.P. Udayakumar “Race, Poverty & Globalization,; Lucky Sleigle, “An ethical guide to your home: from mobile phones to sofas,”

2/29 – Race, media, and Globalization

Readings: “Rihanna, Race, Globalization and Media or “Hey Netherlands!,”; “Oprah, Race, and Neoliberalism: A Series of Diaries,,-Race-and-Neoliberalism:-A-Series-of-Diaries

3/2 – No Reading

Film: Life and Debt

3/5 – Global perspective 

Reading: Timmerman, xiii-20

3/7 – Made in Bangladesh

Reading: Timmerman, 23-52

3/9 – Made in Bangladesh

Reading: Timmerman, 53- 84

3/19 – Made in Cambodia

Reading: Timmerman, 85-106

3/21 – Made in Cambodia

Reading: Timmerman, 107-152

3/23 – Made in China

Reading: Timmerman, 151-186

3/26 – Made in China

Reading: Timmerman, 187-218

3/28 & 3/30 – NO CLASS

4/2 Harvested in America

Reading: Reading: Timmerman, 219-243; Gabriel Thompson, “The job you won’t do: Try working a season in the lettuce fields of Yuma,”;

4/4-4/6 – Chocolate and Roses: Not so sweet anymore

Readings: Caroline Tiger, “Bittersweet Chocolate,”; Kate McMahon, “The Dark Side of Chocolate,”; Ginger Thompson, “Behind Roses’ Beauty, Poor and Ill Workers”;;  Ross Wehner, “Valentine’s Day, and all is not rosy”

4/9 Mugged: Coffee and Global Poverty

Readings: Rosemary Ekosso, “Starbucks and Ethiopian Coffee: The Bitter Taste of Exploitation,”; Look at information here —  

4/11 – Review

4/13 – Exam #2

4/16 – Schmidt, chapters #1-2

4/18 – Schmidt, chapters #3-4

4/20 – Schmidt chapter #5

4/23 – Schmidt, chapters #6-7

4/25-4/27 – TBA


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